07 May 24

Contemporary art biennial - Art +

Contemporary art biennial on May 24, 25 and 26 at the Domaine de Cangé in Saint Avertin.

""Air, art"" 60 artists, sculptors, performers, painters, photographers, brought together for the 2nd time with a guest artist.


Exhibition, artist shops, refreshment bar, catering service...



05 May 23

Spring Market at Château de Valmer

The vineyard in the spotlight

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 May , take advantage of a unique opportunity to discover a wine estate with its cellars, cellars, wines and exceptional gardens labeled "Jardin Remarquable".


Stroll through the 16th century troglodyte cellars and the cellars usually closed to the public, in the company of Jean de Saint Venant , who today embodies the 5th generation of passionate and exciting winegrowers.

Lovers of local produce and crafts will be able to take advantage of the Spring Market which brings together local producers happy to share
their skills.



04 Apr 23

Temporary Exhibition Louis Dutolvac

The Perce Neige are pleased to welcome the works of Touraine artist Louis Dutolvac.

""My Order and My Disorders""

All works are available for sale.

Price upon request

"Like Paul Bilhaud, Malevich, Rodtchenko, Yves Klein, Ad Reinhart or Rothko, the absence of realism and expressionism is not the prerogative of the lazy or the talentless.
The art of creating emotions in monochrome is precisely the most demanding artistic expression there is.
Succeeding in triggering emotion without artifice, simply, with the vibration of a color or a value, a texturing, is always a challenge.
We choose this path, when beyond the drawing, the emotion prevails over the form.
You don't draw an emotion, you feel it.
The work on order and disorder is first of all the feeling caused by the two states, my moments of serenity or anger, calm or storm.
We are very far, in all this, from painting... Painting is only the tool of movement and the feeling felt.
Paul Bihaud inaugurates the monochromatic style with sarcasm, but suddenly provokes emotion in the same way as the subtle vibrations of Mark Rothko, who, without sarcasm, and with talent, makes color sing.
The intense pleasure produced by the moment of the pictorial gesture is in fact only the feeling of the exact moment when, suspended, lost in front of this large white square, one pours out one's interior puffs.
There is therefore nothing exceptional in all this, for the moment, a man, a canvas, paint, emotions.
All of this should end there.
But, 25 years ago, someone absolutely wanted to buy one of these emotional moments, and there; Everything changed....
I suddenly understood that the pleasure of the gesture is nothing compared to the intense pleasure of knowing that there is a bit of me in others.
I am able to remember each painting executed, and the emotion thrown on the canvas at that moment.
I have only met, in 25 years, very few people who have acquired one of my paintings (the gallery owner being a perfect filter), not out of fear of people...out of shyness, of course, out of modesty when talking about my work, that's for sure, but despite this distance, I know that, inevitably, common feelings
animate us...
The fulfillment of all of this is knowing that every day you will look at that ""print"" that you have hung in your home, because you love it. You see your representations of form and color thrown there, which impose themselves. Maybe they are common to mine? Maybe not....
It doesn't matter, there's a little bit of me in you..."

Louis Dutolvac.

damien pinon

damien pinon

21 May 21

Damien PINON vineyard

Family estate created in 1972 in Vernou-sur-Brenne. Installed in 2006, Damien Pinon represents the third generation and operates 25 ha of vines. The protection of the vineyard is very reasoned and the winegrower intervenes as little as possible in the cellar. A (very) safe value.
vincent careme

vincent careme

17 May 23

Vincent Careme vineyard

vincent careme vineyard

"Tania & Vincent Carême: At the heart of the Vouvray appellation, the Domaine Vincent Carême was created in 1999. The 17 hectares of the estate have been cultivated in organic farming since 2007. Growing exclusively the Chenin grape variety, the estate produces only wines. quiet and effervescent whites, listening to the best that Chenin can deliver. Vincent Carême is a winemaker working to promote quality viticulture by helping and listening to the new generation of recently established winegrowers. by "Wine and Spirits Magazine's" as one of the 100 best estates in the world, Tania & Vincent Carême have established themselves year after year as a benchmark in their Vouvray appellation. "


06 Dec 18

Museums and Festivals

Museum of Fine Arts

18 Place F. Sicard -
Hours: 9h / 12h45 - 14h / 18h
Open daily except Tuesdays
Closed on January 1st, May 1st, July 14th.
November 1st and 11th, December 25th
Former Archiepiscopal Palace (17th and 18th centuries). Rich furniture and important collections of French and foreign paintings from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. Mantegna (15th century), Rubens, Rembrandt (17th century), Boucher (18th century), Delacroix, Degas (19th century).

Museum of the Compagnonnage

8, Rue Nationale - 02 47 21 62 20

02.01-15.06 and 16.09 - 31.12: 9h-12h30 and 14h-18h00 - closed on tuesday

16.06-15.09: 9h-12h30 and 14h-18h00.
Closed on January 1st, May 1st, July 14th,
November 1st and 11th, December 25th

Archives, iconography, tools and masterpieces of the companions of the Tour de France since 1840. Unique museum in the world. Last entries accepted 1/2 h. before closing.

Saint Martin Museum
3 rue Rapin - -
Opening hours: 9h30-12h30 and 14h-17h30
Open every day except Monday and Tuesday
Closed on May 1st, July 14th, November 1st and 11th
and from mid-November to mid-March
Main episodes of the life of Saint Martin. History of the site and the buildings which succeeded one another in this high place since the implantation of the first burial.


Aucard from Tours

5 days of concerts in early June on the plain of the Gloriette Tours

Sound lands

3 days concert in Monts in July. Programming 2013: Skunk Anansie, Sanseverino, I AM, Archive ....

Jazz in Touraine

September. Jazz Festival in Montlouis sur Loire


For 10 years, Jazz à Tours and Petit Faucheux have been highlighting the new French jazz scene. Make an appointment.

Fresh Spokes

July.Free multidisciplinary festival, organized by the city of Tours since 2003, invites to discover the contemporary artistic creation.

And many more ...


20 Nov 18

Domaine Bourillon dorleans

Frédéric Bourillon Dorleans and his team will be pleased to welcome you to his superb cellar ( cave cellars ) in Rochecorbon



20 Nov 18

See you in the vineyards- Cellar visit

In Chançay, in the heart of the AOC Vouvray vineyard (20 km from Tours and 15 km from Amboise), in the Loire Valley, Myriam Fouasse-Robert invites you to dive, half day, in the daily life of a family vineyard - an immersion in the world of vine and wine, winemaking and oenological tasting.

With Rendez-Vous in the Vineyards, I do not offer you simple cellar visits and wine tastings, but to live a unique and authentic experience, off the beaten track, and to enter the secrets of the vineyard and the wines of the region. Loire Valley, during educational visits tailored to each.