Votre espace bien être

Votre espace bien être

Take advantage of your stay in Perce Neige to discover our relaxation area and enjoy top-notch Thai massage services with oils .


Loving Asia in general and Thailand in particular where I have been going very regularly for 25 years, I had the opportunity to be trained by Catleya Anyamani, based in France for 30 years, a masseuse recognized as a trainer by the Thai Ministry of Health.

Beyond the technique and learning the gestures of Thai oil massage, it is a whole part of her culture and her philosophy that she transmitted to me. A massage influenced by traditional healing practices and the teachings of Buddhism, it emphasizes harmony between body, mind and soul.


I welcome you to our peaceful and warm massage room, designed to offer you a space dedicated to your well-being.

Massaged from head to toe using fluid movements, the energy lines are stimulated and the entire body feels recharged.

Book your massage session now and treat yourself to a unique experience of relaxation and relaxation. You will leave revitalized, balanced and ready to fully enjoy your stay and your visits to Touraine!




Prices :

Massage 1 hour: 70 euros

Massage 1h30: 90 euros

Massage 2 hours: 110 euros


The Perceneige Wellness Area

Bed and Breakfast Les Perceneige

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